Shore Recruitment

An essential element of the shipping scene revolves around the shore-based management and the myriad of related services that represent the backbone of this complex and diverse industry in which we all work.

MNR recognises that new processes evolve bringing new challenges to the workforce with promotions and retirements occurring constantly – in other words time never stands still and we have to keep up. By remaining in touch with our clients and colleagues at many levels in many locations around the World, we are able to help high calibre candidates aspire to their personal aims and ambitions with the minimum of fuss. Many vacancies are never advertised so the competence and discretion of a knowledgeable intermediary, MNR comes to the fore on such occasions.

Our client’s vacancies are under constant review and the ever increasing pace of change means that applicants rely on accurate and meaningful information when considering a move to new pastures to help secure both their own career and those of their families. By careful individual guidance with appropriate exchanges of information our candidates can prepare that essential c.v. which will help them to secure those opportunities.